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Data integration tailored to your needs

Data is one of the most valuable assets throughout your organization. Integrating data from even disparate systems doesn’t need to be complicated - if you’ve got a professional data integration service to rely on.

Our custom made data integration service is based on ETLBox, a fast and reliable software library that can connect to any API or database. Using this library, we are able to easily create custom made C# code for your integration. Our service can be deployed On-Prem, Kubernetes, Azure Functions, Azure App services or anywhere else where .NET can run.

What we offer

  • Connect with any data source or destination
  • Extract and consolidate exactly the data you need
  • Ensure the data is fit-for-purpose
  • Deliver the data how and when it’s needed

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Why our client love our service

Proof of concept at no cost

We create the code for the whole data integration solution specifically to your requirements. Just tell us which data integration you need, and we’ll take care of the rest - including hosting the solution. And here’s the best part: If you are in doubt if our service is the right choice for you, we offer you to create an initial proof of concept. The PoC is a sample integration of a substantial part of your integration project. The comes without any costs for you - if we can convince you of our service, you can pick between fixed-price offers for the whole integration project either hosted in our cloud or in your self-managed environment.

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Create maximum value from your data.

Taking control of your networks can be time-consuming, costly and fraught with risk. Instead, our service can deliver your data fast and accurately, no matter how your network is structured or how many data sources you have. We guarantee consistent data in the format you need.

Benefit from a proven system.

All our integration code relies on ETLBox, a proven integration library that can connect with almost any database or API. It is already used by several customer all across the work to create data flexible integration jobs. This library enables us to quickly set up the code to connect any API or database, and to add custom made data transformation.

Self-managed or SaaS

All code can be hosted anywhere where .NET can run. Orchestration, management and dashboards can be added depending on your needs. You can choose if you want to deploy the service in yourself, or let us do the complete hosting for you.

Focus on your business while we run your data.

Our clients choose the delivery method and frequency that fits their requirements exactly, from various APIs to databases and more. Data decoding, enrichment, reporting and cleansing can enhance your data during the consolidation process. We implement and manage the whole data integration process from start to finish. Our service is easily deployed and the on-going process is managed for you by our data management experts.

Delivering critical data migration projects, seamlessly

Many organisations find themselves faced with a data project that is complex or under-resourced. We accurately extract, move and consolidate data from disparate multiple sources and legacy systems, unifying even the most complex data structures.

Lightweight deployment, fast results

Our custom made data migration software is based on ETLBox and has a small deployment footprint. By relying on C# & .NET, it can run on any platform and it plugs into existing frameworks with minimal operational impact and does not interrupt workflow. And because we provide you with the software, you avoid the additional cost of licences and the risks associated with unknown systems.

Data aggregation

At first glance, data aggregation may seem simple enough to achieve. But in reality it is one of the most critical aspects of any data integration project. Get it wrong and your data can be rendered almost worthless. Data aggregation is often difficult, mainly because data is frequently stored in different formats. The data can also be hard to access, due to arcane data structures that require specialist knowledge.

Efficiently bringing data together from multiple sources

If a host system cannot export data in a required standard format, bespoke mappings must be developed to extract the data. This can be accomplished in-house by writing a program, or by using a data migration tool. In both cases there is a learning curve and the onus of ongoing maintenance.

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Discover the Power of ETLBox

Dive into the world of efficient data integration with our ETLBox Explainer Video. This short, informative video will give you an insight into how ETLBox revolutionizes data management. Learn how our tool simplifies complex data integration processes, making them more manageable, efficient, and scalable.

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